Tory Candidates Network

The Tory Candidates Network is a support network by candidates for candidates. We aim to support you every step of the way on the journey from your sofa to the green benches.

We can provide everything you need to build your profile and campaign. From helping you with local government campaigns to making that crucial parliamentary selection speech, the Tory Candidates Network can provide you with essential resources and experienced coaching you need from acknowledged experts.

We will also provide opportunities for you to network and build your knowledge and skills alongside other candidates.

Members of the Tory Candidates Network


Members of the Tory Candidates Network will enjoy discounted access to a one stop shop of campaigning services to get you elected:

  • Speechwriting
  • Seat identification
  • Seat intelligence and monitoring
  • One-to-one candidate mentoring
  • CV assistance
  • Media assistance
  • Candidate website development
  • Video content
  • Policy and issues briefings

Members of the Tory Candidates Network will also benefit from:

  • Regular news bulletins with intelligence on seats and campaign information
  • Networking events with MPs and Peers
  • An annual exclusive party conference event
  • And much more…

How can I join the Tory Candidates Network?

Why join the Network?

Getting elected is difficult and can feel like feeling your way in the dark. The Tory Candidates Network shines a light on every step of the process. You will benefit from the best training, detailed insights and the latest news, and all the resources you need to give you the best chance of success.



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